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A Discussion for Activists – Climate Emergency, Energy Democracy and the Labour Movement

Labour movement activists are invited to participate in an open discussion on Climate Emergency, Energy Democracy and the Labour Movement in the evening of 10th July 2019, at the Mechanics Institute, 103 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD. Free Admission.

This discussion will follow a meeting between UK labour movement representatives and international allies in Manchester on 9-10 July to discuss climate emergency, public control over the power sector and the Labour Party strategy for decarbonisation.

This meeting is being organised by Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (GLI New York) and the Global Labour Institute (GLI Manchester), with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.

Invited participants include

  • Sean Sweeney, Director of Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, New York
  • Rebecca Long-Bailey MP
  • John Mark Mwanika, Programs Officer at ATGWU, Uganda, and Chair of the Urban Transport Committee of the International Transport Workers Federation
  • Stephen Smellie, UNISON Scotland
  • Jim Mowatt, UNITE National Environment Spokesperson
  • Clara Pallard, President, Culture Group Executive Committee, PCS
  • Nessim Achouche, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Brussels