GLI offers a wide range of courses and education programmes to the trade union movement, including one-day, weekend, five-day residential courses and work-shops, and summer schools, suitable for trade union professionals and lay activists. These include both GLI Courses and bespoke education programmes commissioned from GLI by unions.



We are committed to a method of trade union education that is participatory and inclusive. We aim to provide an open space for debate and discussion.


Our courses are geared towards the development of concrete and specific plans of action by participants at the completion of the programme. This may include the establishment of permanent links with national or local unions in other countries, practical proposal for international networks of workplace union representatives within companies and sectors, or building working relationships with Global Union Federations.

Prior Research

Each course is carefully prepared with research materials on the companies and sectors involved.

Direct International Engagement

GLI has a large network of contact among national unions globally, international union federations, labour movement NGOs, workers’ education organisations, and specialist academics working within the labour movement. As far as possible, GLI courses always attempt to enable participants to experience direct engagement and discussion with unions in other countries and/or Global Union Federations.

Experienced Tutors

GLI Staff have many years’ experience in education provision on globalisation and international trade union organisation, in the UK with Unite, GMB, Unison, RMT, GFTU and others, and internationally with the ILO, most Global Union Federations, and numerous national unions throughout the world.

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