Unite the Union

GLI Manchester currently undertakes courses as part of the national education programme for Unite the Union.

GLI provides both one day and 5-day residential courses for trade union professionals and lay activists for three of the national sectors of Unite – Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Process and Textiles (CPPT); Food, Drink and Agriculture (FDA); and Community, Youth Workers and Not for Profit.

Each course is designed and delivered to meet the needs and priority areas for each sector, and is participatory and inclusive to encourage strategic discussion among reps and committee members. Each course is geared towards developing concrete and specific plans of action.

GLI has a large network of contacts among national unions globally, international union federations and labour movement NGO working within the labour movement. As far as possible, GLI attempts to enable participants to experience direct engagement and discussion with unions in other countries and/or Global Union Federations.

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