International School 2023

The ninth GLI International School took place from 27th – 29th November 2023 near Paris, France, and brought together over 100 trade unionists, researchers and activists from 30 countries. Sharing ideas on how international organisations deal with key global issues such as climate disasters, the pandemic and austerity policies, we addressed following four areas:

  • Challenges in organising – What can we learn from our experiences of union organising?
  • Trade unionism and youth – How can young workers find their place and reinforce unions?
  • Trade unionism and authoritarianism – How should the international trade union movement respond to the rise of authoritarianism?
  • Trade unionism and the environment – What should the international trade union movement’s common agenda be in the face of climate change?

Each year, the school culminates in a discussion of the International Trade Union School manifesto, co-written by a number of trade unionists during the event. This year it focused on the need for internationalism to be at the heart of trade union activities; that unionisation must once again become the priority of the international trade union movement; and that the global movement must focus on youth, feminist struggles, and the fight against climate change.

You can read the full Manifesto here.