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Moscow Labour Movement Conference on Authoritarianism Nov 3-4 2012

“Labour movement and left-wing forces against authoritarianism and totalitarianism: our past, present and perspectives for future”

November 3-4, 2012, Moscow

The conference will be organized at the initiative of Confederation of Labour of Russia (KTR), Scientific, Information, and Education Centre “Memorial” and Global Labour Institute (GLI), with the participation of the Research and Education Centre “Praxis”, the permanent workshop “The Left in Russia: Past and Present” and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

The aim of the Conference, which marks the 50-th anniversary of the workers’ protest action in the town of Novocherkassk, is to discuss the historic experience, the modern day challenges, and the prospects of the struggle led by free trade unions and other worker associations, as well as the democratic left-wing forces against human rights violations, for political freedom and public self-governance.

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