The fifth GLI International Summer School begins!

Northern College, Barnsley, UK

The sun in Barnsley is shining and the fifth GLI International Summer School has now begun!

Held at Northern College in Barnsley, UK, the School brings together trade union activists from across the world “to debate and question what are, and what should be, the politics of the international trade union movement”.

If you are unable to participate in person, you can follow the 2016 GLI International Summer School live online. Many of the plenary sessions and presentations will be streamed live on the web, and can be watched on our ISS16 webpage.

A team of guest bloggers who will be covering the Summer School throughout the week, and we’ll be publishing their blog-posts on a daily basis.

Both GLI and Union Solidarity International (USi) will be covering the School on social media – Twitter (GLI / USi), Facebook (GLI / USi) and Instagram (USi). We invite those wishing to follow and participate online to use the #ISS16 hashtag.