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The global trade union movement: Stepping up to the plate?

Celia Mather’s article,  The global trade union movement: Stepping up to the plate?, has been published on the Red Pepper online blog. You can read it by clicking the link above.

Celia’s brilliant article provides a snapshot of 2015 GLI International Summer School, drawing attention to how the School is organised, the questions posed and the conclusions put forward by its participants.


#ISS15 online archive now available

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After an exhausting but thoroughly inspiring week of plenary sessions, group discussions, workshops,  film screenings, an anarchist castle tour and a book launch, this year’s GLI International Summer School 2015 has come to an end.

You can catch up with videos, blog posts, presentations and further reading from almost all of this year’s plenary and discussion sessions at our revamped 2015 Summer School webpage here:

We encourage you to use the site as an educational resource for bringing the debates of the Summer School to your own trade unions and organisations. Please note that the site is a work in progress and we’ll continue to add extra content – blog entries, further reading, edited videos, etc. – as they become available.