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Global Labour University 2022 Conference: Building a Post-Pandemic World of Work with Social Justice

The Covid-19 pandemic, digitalization, climate change, right-wing populism, and rising authoritarianism have changed the world of work. The 2022 edition of the GLU-Conference will analyse these developments and ask how we build anew our workplaces and societies based on social justice.

The 2022 GLU Conference offers discussions in 7 tracks on:

  • Inclusive social protection
  • Ending gender-based violence and racism at work
  • Worker organising for a just transition
  • Organising workers in and across the platform economy
  • Empowering migrant workers
  • Workers’ rights under rising authoritarianism
  • Global supply chains and joint collaboration of academics and trade unionist

The 2022 GLU Conference will take place between March 30 and April 5, via Zoom and in English without translation.

On March 31st 14:30-16:15 (CEST), Dave Spooner and Dan Edmonds from GLI Manchester will be running a conference session on ‘Learning from the History of the International Trade Union Movement.’

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The Global Labour University is a network of trade unions, universities, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the ILO working to deliver high-level qualification programmes. It offers Masters Courses in four different countries on trade unions, sustainable development, social justice, international labour standards, multinational companies, economic policies and global institutions and promotes research cooperation on global labour issues.