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GLU New Online Course: Just and green: labour’s ecological question

The Global Labour University (GLU) – a network of trade unions, universities, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the ILO – invites trade unionists and labour activists totake part in its new online course: “Just and Green: Labour’s Ecological Question”
This FREE online course explores different aspects of the ‘jobs vs. environment dilemma’ through a lens of current struggles, as well as academic and policy debates. The different lectures, reading materials and zoom workshops discuss fundamental transformations in the ways we produce, consume and organise our economy and society.

“Climate justice: Capitalism is the problem! Can workers be the solution?”

Enrol in GLU’s new online course to discuss this and other questions with hundreds of other participants from across the the world here.

Course structure

The course has 5 chapters. Starting from 15 April 2021, there will be a new chapter each week. After becoming fully accessible, the course will remain open for studying the course materials at your own pace.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the course
  • Chapter 2: Setting the context: why is the environment a labour issue?
  • Chapter 3: Responding to the environmental crisis and pushing for a fair transition: workers’ struggles across the world
  • Chapter 4: Theoretical and conceptual debates on labour and environment
  • Chapter 5: Meeting the environmental challenge: labour-related policy proposals

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