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Global Labour University Online Academy: New Online Course

The Global Labour University (GLU) Online Academy is launching a new online course on global supply chains.

‘Towards Decent Work in Global Supply Chains’ will be launched on 14th November and will run in a tutored phase until 18 December 2019.

The course will question:
  • Which factors and actors have influenced the emergence of global supply chains?
  • What are the root causes of the violations of workers’ rights in global supply chains?
  • What politics and strategies are needed to ensure work with dignity?

The course will give an overview of the main drivers of the global supply chains as well as the impact of supply chains on development. Participants will be exposed to  the main issues regarding working conditions and workers’ rights in global supply chains. It will help also give an understanding of the governance framework, regulatory measures aimed at improving working conditions and workers’ rights and labour’s strategies to ensure decent work.

The course will be structured around four chapters:

  1. Global supply chains: Main drivers and the impact on development
  2. Working conditions and workers’ rights in GSCs: Main decent work deficits
  3. Regulatory framework for respecting workers’ rights in GSCs
  4. Labour strategies for decent work in GSCs

The course will feature Manuela Tomei of the ILO, Catelene Passchier of the ILO Workers’ Group, Sharan Burrow of the ITUC and leading academics from different fields, such as Praveen Jha, Mark Anner, Markus Krajewski, Mike Fichter and Stefanie Lorenzen.

You can enrol for the course here.

The GLU Academy website aims to be a “virtual campus” for debating ideas for social justice and a fairer globalization. It offers an opportunity for trade unionists to learn with and from each other in a global network, combining theory with practical skills for collaboration and action.

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