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International Summer School 2016: online archive now available!

Video produced by the ISS16 Summer School Commission

We’re very pleased to announce that you can now access videos, presentations, blog posts and further reading from the 2016 Summer School at our dedicated ISS 2016 online archive page here: ISS 2016 onlive archive

The 2016 Summer School culminated in a discussion of the GLI International Summer School “Living Manifesto”, which can be downloaded here: GLI International Summer School Living Manifesto 2016

We hope that the archive website will serve as an educational resource for bringing the debates of the Summer School to your own trade unions and organisations. Please note that the site is a work in progress and we’ll continue to add extra content – blog entries, further reading, edited videos, etc. – as they become available.

GLI would like to thank all the speakers and participants who made the 2016 International Summer School such a success. Until the next time!

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