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Registration open for 2016 Labor Notes Conference (US)

Image: Labor Notes
Image: Labor Notes

 “Get in touch with the labor movement’s fighting spirit—meet us in Chicago!”

Labor Notes will be holding its next conference in Chicago, US, in April 2016. The conference will bring together thousands of trade union activists, mostly from the US but including international participants, for a series of workshops and meetings covering topics such as “creative organizing tactics”, “understanding the economy”, and “reviving the strike”.

The conference is billed as a “weekend of inspiration, education, and agitation”, and Labor Notes invites those interested in attending to register on their website: Labor Notes Conference 2016.

Founded in 1979, Labor Notes is a media and organising project which uses its magazine, website, books, conferences, and workshops to promote and empower grassroots labour organising in the US.

You can read about the most recent Labor Notes conference, held in 2014, here: A Gathering of Troublemakers.

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