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Economic alternatives seminar

Economic alternatives seminar, 17th July 11.00am-2.00pm.

Headland House 308-312 Grays Inn Road, King Cross, London. WC1X 8DP

The GFTU Executive Committee has called for a seminar to share some thinking about different elements of the alternative economic strategies that are developing against the unnecessary austerity.

The work is not to duplicate or distract from the excellent work of the TUC or indeed other think tanks, individual unions and spokespeople. Rather, with such a need for constant understanding of the politics of growth, we are seeking to amplify and deepen the debate.

While the broad thrust of the politics of growth is becoming more familiar to trade unionists as evidenced in some recent conference motions, this seminar gives an opportunity to touch on some areas of concern – perhaps land ownership for example, or the cultural industries, or elements of the tax debate, or manufacturing – that are not so prominent in other debates. The GFTU hopes that a range of individuals being invited will make the event stimulating and cross fertilising expanding all of our knowledge.

Non-UK participants most welcome.

If you are interested in participating, contact Doug Nicholls, General Secretary:

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