ITF Informal Workers’ Project

The Global Labour Institute is currently coordinating the ITF Informal Transport Workers’ Project, which is running from 2013 to 2016, on behalf of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

This project is funded by FNV Mondiaal and has the broad objective of improving the capacity of unions to organise and represent informal economy transport workers.

The GLI and ITF are working with “mentor unions” in South Asia, East/South-East Asia, East Africa, West Africa and Latin America in three main strands of activity.

1. Visibility of women workers in informal transport: mapping and raising the visibility of women workers in the informal transport economy, and increasing their participation in unions

2. Leadership education and dialogue: raising awareness and mutual understanding between leaders and members of trade unions and transport workers in the informal economy

3. Organising skills, training and technical support: providing training for activists in organising by and for informal transport workers, and technical advice in the design of union constitutions, procedures and structures for active participation by informal workers.

You can find regular news, updates, resources, links and other information about organising informal workers as well as further details regarding the Informal Transport Workers’ Project at the ITF Informal Workers Blog.