Research & Education

Recent Reports & Publications

Chris Bonner & Dave Spooner (2012), “The Only School We Have: Learning from Organizing Experiences Across the Informal Economy“, WIEGO.

Dave Spooner (2011), “Transport Workers in the Informal Urban Economy: Livelihood Profile“, GLI Report to International Transport Workers’ Federation.

Educational Materials

GLI International Summer School

Archive pages for past Summer Schools can be found here:

International Summer School 2015

International Summer School 2014

International Summer School 2013

International Summer School 2012

How Do We Organise In The Global Economy?

Organising in the Global Workplace (pdf)
by Celia Mather, Unite the Union, (2010)

“Yes, We Did It!” How the World’s Domestic Workers Won Their International Rights and Recognition (pdf)
by Celia Mather, WIEGO (October, 2013)

We Are Workers Too! – Organizing Home-Based Workers in the Global Economy (pdf)
by Celia Mather, WIEGO Organising Series (2010)

How Do We Organise Precarious Workers?

This booklet was prepared for the ITF by the Global Labour Institute (ITF, 2013).

Organising Precarious Transport Workers (pdf) (EN)

La Organizcion De Trabajadores Y Trabajadoras Precarious Del Transporte (pdf) (ES)

L’Organisation syndicale des travailleurs et travailleuses précaires des transports (pdf) (FR)

The booklet is also available in Arabic and German at the ITF website.

Resource Books For Organizers

A series of six booklets (pdfs) by Chris Bonner, WIEGO / StreetNet International (2008)

  1. Recruiting Informal workers into Democratic Workers Organisations
  2. Building and Maintaining a Democratic Organisation of Informal Workers
  3. Handling the Day-To-Day Problems of Informal Workers
  4. Collective Negotiations for Informal Workers
  5. Handling Disputes between Informal Workers and those in Power
  6. Collective Action for Informal Workers

For high resolution printing files email a request to: 
All six books are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.


We are workers too - cover