GLI Courses

GLI offers a wide range of courses and education programmes to the trade union movement, including one-day, weekend, five-day residential courses and workshops, and summer schools, suitable for both trade union professionals and lay activists. These include both GLI Courses and bespoke education programmes commissioned from GLI by unions.

An Introduction to International Trade Unionism

The Global Labour Institute runs introductory weekend courses designed for young activists, or trade unionists with limited previous experience of work in the international trade union movement.

Weekend Course

These courses aim to introduce participants to the current economic crises and trade union reaction, the role of British unions in the international trade union movement, the politics of organising around the world, and our common political agenda.

For more information about our weekend courses, including details of upcoming courses, please contact: gli-uk[at]


Organising in the Global Workplace

Effective organising increasingly demands an understanding of the global operations of employers, the landscape of the international trade union movement, and practical skills and techniques in cross-border organisation.
Global Economy

The Global Labour Institute, working in partnership with the relevant national unions and global union federations, offers advanced residential courses for organisers and activists in transnational corporations as well as those working in globally-integrated workplaces more generally.

Working closely with the appropriate national officer and senior lay union representatives, the Global Labour Institute tailors each course to meet the specific needs of the target sector, sub-sector or individual company.

Organising in the Global Workplace: Course Topics

Global Economy – Local Impact

Seeing the big picture of global trends and issues that affect the industry, the workplace and workers, such as the bankers’ crisis, the ‘financialisation’ of corporations, the growth of precarious labour and the global shifts of economic power.

Inside the Corporate Mind

Understanding corporate strategy, strengths and vulnerabilities.  Identifying international leverage for organising campaigns.

Learn from our Global Movement

Learning from the experiences and organising strategies of workers and unions in other countries working for the same corporation or industrial sector.

Build the Links – Create the Networks

Working with global union federations.  Taking practical steps in building and strengthening international shop steward organisation in the global workplace.


Organising in the Global Workplace: Teaching Approach


GLI courses are geared towards the development of concrete and specific plans of action by participants at the completion of the course. This may include the establishment of permanent direct links with national or local unions overseas; practical proposals for international networks of workplace union representatives within companies and sectors; or establishing contacts with global union federations.

Direct International Engagement

GLI has a very large network of contacts among national unions in other countries, international union federations, labour movement NGOs, workers’ education organisations and specialist academics working with the labour movement. As far as possible, GLI courses always attempt to enable participants to experience direct engagement and discussion with overseas unions and/or global union federations.

Targeted Research

Each course is carefully prepared with research materials on the companies and sectors involved. GLI works in close partnership with the Manchester Business School, and coordinates a national research network of supportive academic specialists in corporate strategy and industrial relations.

Experienced Tutors

GLI has many years’ experience in education provision on globalisation and international trade union organisation. These have included courses for shop stewards in Bakkavör, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Corus, First Bus, Greencore, Heinz, JTI, Kerry Foods, KNDL, Kraft Foods, Kuehne & Nagel, Nestlé, Land Rover, Princes Foods, Unilever, United Biscuits, UPS, Wincanton; and sector-based courses in food manufacturing, logistics, the meat industry, passenger transport, and public services.